Jan 3rd: Many thanks to Hinterland Aviation! We were informed of a frog in Cooktown with an advanced stage of cancer and Hinterland promptly sent it down to Cairns - as they have done many times before. It is wonderful to have the support of local businesses and the local wildlife rescue people in Cooktown - it makes our work so much easier.


Dec 30th: Just when we were starting to wonder how many more months we could keep our doors open, a very nice donation arrived from Mitch and Lisa which will add a few more months to our estimations! We are so grateful for kind people out there who value what we are doing. Lots of good karma coming to you Mitch and Lisa! And thank you to all the other donations that arrived in December. We need all of them to keep going!

Dec 5th: This is the time of year when we start to see frogs with cancer. Please keep a lookout for any frog that has any lump(s) anywhere on the body. Use gloves or a plastic bag over your hand and place it into an ice cream container with airholes cut in the lid and bring indoors. Ring us to arrange transport. Some of these frogs might have parasites or abscesses which are treatable but, if they have cancer, we don't want them to remain in the wild.

Dec 1st: We hope that you will think of the frogs at Christmas time. We really want to keep our rescue doors open but donations no longer cover the bills. Froggies would be very happy if we receive financial prezzies this year!

Nov 1st: Many thanks to Endeavour Tools in Melbourne for renewing their sponsorship! Your support helps keep our animal rescue operation afloat.

Sept 23rd: Many bouquets to Henk at Umbrella IT for helping us out. Finances are tough at the moment so Henk covered our domain and SSL renewals for us!! Many, many thanks Henk!

Sept 12th: We have to start selling off stuff to bring in some money. We have large glass tanks, a Reptile One enclosure, bottles of centrimide and chlorhexadine, a small walk-in aviary, bowls and trays of assorted sizes, bandages, etc. Some things are free to wildlife carers. Please let us know what supplies you use so we can share instead of throwing away.

Aug 22nd: Tuskers Cafe in South Mission Beach loves their local community groups! They held a raffle and dozens of local groups' names were put in the hat. We won a second prize drawing of $500. which is critically important to our existence at this time when so few donations are coming in. THANK YOU Tuskers!

Aug 2nd: Want to help frogs without knowing anything about them? We have volunteer openings in several areas: disinfection (nothing noxious); lawn mowing (we have our own ride-on); revege in our wildlife sanctuary; office cleaning; and paperwork. Support the plight of frogs by helping our work. Contact us today.

June: Many thanks to Endeavour Tools in VIC for coming to the rescue with our website!! They will be covering the cost of the contractor who will be converting the site to a much easier to read source of information (and NO advertising - just pure knowledge!).

May 24th: We know that when visitors try to navigate and read our website on small devices, it can be a pain. There are some other changes we need to make to the site as well but first we need to convert the site to a different authoring software. We have found the contractor but we need to raise $2K for this. If you would like to access our site in a friendly, readable format on any device, please make a donation (visit our donations page) and earmark it for the conversion project so it can be used for the website and not regular ongoings. Thank you!

May: Are you saddened that so many frogs died in last winter's dieoff because people couldn't find local help? Frog care demands are different than most other rescued wildlife but they seriously need more help and attention. We have a training course which can start you on the right path but you do need to attend it here in Mission Beach, Qld. If you are serious about getting trained so that you can hit the ground running, please contact us soon.

March 23rd: We FINALLY have been able to replace the dead computer and have installed all the stuff and tested out the ftp and everything can FINALLY go back to normal as far as our website and graphics abilities. And the cast only just came off the week before last so our President now has a rediculously long list of backlogged items to deal with. At least we got our website back and our graphics program! One step at a time.....

Jan: We have lots of news to tell you since Christmas, but the computer housing our website died at Christmas and we are still working on getting it fixed. In the meantime, we can tell you that our president broke her ankle on Boxing Day. She is struggling to get work done, so more volunteers would be really helpful. We also wish to convey our deepest thanks to Lisa and Mitch who gave us a very generous donation over Christmas. Until we can get the computer back in order, this will be our last update for the website. We do hope it will be soon, but our luck has not been good when it comes to computers. In the meantime, for updates please consult 'Frog Hosptial Supporters' page on Facebook. For MeWe users, please click here.


Dec 8th: A painting donated by Anne Weston of Mareeba was raffled off recently. We appreciate Anne's trust in our work and the time she put in to paint a froggy setting. She and her partner also sold some raffle tickets and then we sold a few more up here. Many thanks also to Maria at the Coastal Rag for publicity. The winner was John of Gin Gin. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets! We absolutely need your support at this time.

Dec.: Several people have come to our rescue with various bits and pieces. We are still chasing a small-ish tv for our visitor's room and the american style director's chairs. However, we can offer our heartfelt thanks to Matt at One Fish Technology, Greg at Cassowary Coast Technology, James our videographer and Neville in Innisfail. Thank you all for the wonderful items you have donated to keep our comms running as well as taming our lawn.

Nov 17th: We exist entirely on public donations and they have been very low for the past two years. As a result, all our needs are filled using secondhand equipment. At the moment, we need a ride-on mower, a laptop with a cd player in it; a few american style director's chairs, and our president needs a tv (analogue is fine). Do you have something to sell us or donate? Please ring us on (07) 4068-9402.

Sept 14th: We are proud to announce that we have a new sponsor! Hello and welcome to Endeavour Tools in VIC - read about them in the Silver sponsor's page.

Aug 23rd: We issued a press release this morning concerning the huge frog die-off STILL in progress in Australia. If you are in QLD or the NT and see any frogs (or toads) out in the open during the day - live or dead - please photograph them and then ring us on (07) 4068-9402. The photos can be emailed after that. ALSO - if you live north of Cairns or on the Tablelands and travel to Cairns regularly, please let us know. Same for if you live south of Cardwell and travel northwards. We will need help transporting live frogs to us for care.

July 24th: We hope to have a press release going out on Monday about the latest frog cancer case that has come in and the pressing need to document frog cancer all around Australia. The fist part of getting that project off the ground is to raise enough money to transport and biopsy at least ten cases (minimum $3K but more would allow us to receive more cases). It's not just money - we need people involved in transport companies and also vets who can do tissue collections. More info about how you can help is in the Cancer page in the Disease section.

July 24th: it appears that a major outbreak of chytrid fungus is in progress in northern NSW and southern QLD - we are making special recommendations to everyone in that huge region to try to save some of your backyard frogs. See our chytrid treatment page for the instuctions.

July 11th: The past several months have been brutally busy. We FINALLY have some new volunteers starting so things will start progressing. Our application to have this property listed as a Wildlife Sanctuary has been approved. Our property is now called Bunjinuu Reserve and has been named for the multitude of Lepidozamia hopei trees on this property - many between 100 and 300 years old. Bunjnuu is what the local Djiru people call this very special tree. We have also had another squamous cell carcinoma case come in. This case is the trigger we have been waiting for to engage the Counting Cancer campaign which we hope will go national. But first we need to raise at least $5,000 to get it off the ground.

March 28th: Have you found a sick or injured frog? We can help you but we have new procedures in place. Please visit the Contact Us page and scroll down.

March 28th: What a disappointment. Only one person turned up to our working bee yesterday which means we are now way behind on being able to finish our tree planing/weeding before we have to report on our grant. If you are going to be visiting Mission Beach or Tully area over Easter holiday and want to spend a little time 'giving back' to the planet, why not come and help us with our tree planting/weeding? Flick us an email to let us know when is convenient for you (we're here right through the holiday).

Jan 27th: Yet another type of cancer found in a Cairns frog! This brings the total types verified so far to six. NOT something Cairns should be proud of. See our Cancer page for the addition and a photo.

Jan. Last year was a difficult year for us financially. Lots of money went to the groups in the southern states to help with bushfire rescues (how wonderful and generous the public has been) but we are not in a bushfire area and missed out. Then the 'virus thing' changes people's incomes and perspectives. Meanwhile, our work continued and our workload actually increased. If you love frogs, please consider a donation! See our Donation page! Thank you.

Jan 24th: Well. Telstra out did themselves beyond losing our phone for 3 weeks over Christmas. Our phone AND internet went out on Jan 11th because somebody programmed two houses onto one port. It finally was fixed a few days ago. Phone services generally are going down the tubes in Australia with calls cutting out repeatedly, nbn voip lines not taking messages (including the govt's phones) and legislators' landlines not working. SO ... we have backup procedures so that you can reach us. They are listed in our 'Contact Us page.


Dec 21st: The year started with tech problems and it is ending with tech problems. Our phone went out AGAIN this morning and Telstra says it won't be fixed until Dec 29th. Nice Christmas present, Telstra. We will be here to help frogs through the holidays. If you have a need for our services, please send us an email. The internet is working fine. Enjoy the holidays and please watch for frogs on the roads once the rain starts.

Nov 27th: When the restrictions came in, Centrelink cancelled our regular volunteers and they were never restored. The lack of volunteers since March has put massive pressue on our president who can't possibly cope with all the jobs that need to be done, especially leading up to cyclone season. If you have time on your hands and live in the Mission Beach/Tully region, please come and give us a hand. Most jobs are easy and don't require any knowledge of frogs. Give us a ring if you would like to know more.

Oct: Our mower died after spending money to get it fixed 3 times! For this property, we really need a ride on. Do you know anyone who might be settling an estate or perhaps is upgrading to something larger? We need to acquire a working ride-on for the least amount possible!!

Oct 10th: Thanks to everybody who turned up for our first and second working bees. We will be having another one in November but the date hasn't been set yet. The working bee we had schduled for Saturday Oct 31st has been postponed due to roadworks on this street.

Oct 8th: Thanks to Cassowary Coast Regional Council for your support for our invasive weed cleanup project.

Oct 5th: We want to say a big "hey there!" to Range Environmental Consulting in Brisbane for renewing your sponsorship for 2021. We LOVE our sponsors! :)

Sept 22nd: Ever since March 2020, we have had repeated outages on our landline, all caused by problems at the South Mission Beach telstra exchange. We are still here and adsl still works even when the voice line doesn't - so if you ever get a "can't connect" message when you ring us, please send us an email so we can respond to you. Thanks.

Sept 19th: We held our first working bee today to try to get the grounds cleaned up and planted up before cyclone season starts. 16 people turned up which was just wonderful. Thanks all for coming and thanks for the compliments on a home-cooked lunch. Our next two working bees are tentatively scheduled for Oct 10th and Oct 31st. Of course volunteers are welcome any time. Flick us an email if you are interested.

July 12th: Thanks for the Men's Shed Tully for assisting us with our latest carpentry project! We're grateful for your assistance and hope others will help support the work of the Men's Sheds out there by donating money or building materials for their projects.

June 10th: Yet another type of cancer has been identified in a frog from the FNQ region. A frog came in from Blackrock near Ingham which appeared to have a nasty looking flesh-eater on its face but this turned out to be cancer. This is the first verfied case we've received of spindle cell soft tissue sarcoma. See our cancer page for the full list of 42+ cancer cases we've received.

June 2nd: Hi there Lucille! Thanks very kindly for your generous donation. It comes at a great time for us when donations have been low because of the bushfires followed by a pandemic and followed by the phone company 'locking down' our phone for 3 weeks!

May 28th: Our landline is back!! So please call us if you find any frogs out during the day.

May 26th: Even in tropical Queensland, it is now chytrid fungus season. Please keep an eye out for frogs in one of these two scenarios: any frog soaking in water during the day; OR: any frog away from water on the ground and sitting in a little bit of a tucked in body position, as if it was trying to say, "leave me alone". If you find a frog like this, use gloves or a plastic bag over your hands to pick it up, put it into an ice cream conatiner with air holes and a couple tablespoons of bottled/rain water and bring it indoors to keep in the warmest place you can. Please email us right away (because the phone is still out).

May 1st: We have been having problems with our phone lately and have been trying to get it fixed since the end of March. Most calls are coming through but some callers are getting a constant busy signal or a recording to say the call cannot be connected. No-one should EVER get a busy signal when calling us as we have two answering services set up to grab all unanswered calls, even if the power is out. If you have trouble getting through to our landline, please send an email to reach us (internet has been fine) and be sure to tell us that you got a busy signal or a recording.

April 29th: We've just heard that we're getting a grant from Highways and for our habitat restoration project! How lovely! We're trying to remove all the invasive weeds here so that we can plant cassowary food plants and other plants for pollinators. It is part of our plans to also do guided walks here but that can't happen until the grounds have been cleaned up (hint: we need lots of volunteer help for that). This grant will be essential for handling the nasty stuff (wait-a-while). Thank you so much Highways and Byways!

April 7th: Yes, we are still helping frogs that have been sick, injured or translocated during these difficult times. Just give us a ring if you see a frog out in the open during day or if it has other symptoms (skinny, blotches, scratches or ulcers, etc.).

March 31st: A story of ours went national today! We are trying to return a recovered frog back to its origin but with all the restrictions, usual transport is not allowed. The media is eager to run a 'feel good' story amidst all the doom and gloom and it reminds people we still exist!

March 24th: So many thanks and hugs to our newest volunteer in Townsville who has done another vegan cupcake sale to help us survive! Our deepest appreciation!

March: Our group is small and every single donation that comes to us is important to our survival. During the bushfires, tons of money was donated to the southern groups (which is great but it has left groups in this area out in the cold) so our income plummeted. Now we have this horrible situation for a large part of Australia's population. If you are one of the lucky ones who won't lose work, we would be most grateful if you still continue to help out small groups when you can. it would be tragic for non-profits to have to shut up shop permanently because of something that is only supposed to last a few months.

Jan: A new year and a new sponsor! Say hello to Range Environmental Consultants in Brisbane. Thanks for your support and a new dialogue.


Nov 22nd: We have an opportunity to purchase two large prefab ponds that hold about 600 litres of water each. These will make for an excellent start to our frog breeding program on our new acreage property. The tubs are available for half price but we would need to pay for them in the next two weeks or else somebody else will get them. We need to raise $400 to cover both of them. Can you help with a donation? See our Donate page if you can and thanks for your help.

Nov 17th: VOLUNTEERS!! One person cannot do everything!! We need volunteers - especially in the garden. If you are coming to Mission Beach as a visitor or if Centrelink requires you to do volunteer hours, come and do them for us! Visitors who come by to help here can learn a lot about conservation and the environment and have a hands-ons experience to remember their stay in Mission Beach. Contact us if you want to learn something new and help reduce our President's huge workload!!

Nov 14th: We have cancelled our weed busting event on Giving Tuesday. There are a lot of logistics to organise it and we will have to spend a lot of money on food for volunteers without knowing if anybody is going to turn up. However, donations would still be welcome. If you are interested in volunteering on Giving Tuesday or any other day, please give us a ring a couple days before. ((07) 4068-9402

Nov 1st: We have just signed up to GivingTuesday which will be on Dec 3rd this year. We are always happy for donations to cover all our bills but we would like to use this opportunity to host a weed bashing session here. The sooner we clear the weeds, the sooner the 'good stuff' goes in and the sonner the 'good stuf' goes in, the sooner we will be able to allow public visits. So if you are going to be around the Mission Beach area the first week of November and want to come help, please let us know in advance (for catering purposes).

Oct 21st: We issued a press release this morning to ask everybody to watch out for any frogs that have any lumps on them. A case came in last week from Machans which looked typical of early squamous cell carcinoma. So cancer is definitely still out there and we want to make sure those frogs aren't overlooked - especially if they have something else which might just be a parasite. So keep watch and ring us if you find any frog (or toad) with a lump on it!

Sept: So many warm thanks to our friendly cupcake maker in Townsville! She brought in over $1,000 from her latest sale at the Strand Night markets. Those funds have helped us acquire four wardrobes for sorting out and storing supplies for the frog room, cyclone prep and general storage needs. We also have other things to purchase for this property before it becomes ready for public visits which will use of the rest of those procedes. Really good karma to you Tralisa!!

August: Thanks to the Cairns Airport T2R team, our frogs in care just got another boost in their accommodations! We have another order of larger enclosures coming which will give the bigger species a bit more space while they are in care. Good karma to Justine, Naaathan, and the rest of the staff for including us in your fundraising activities!!

July 31st: There is a FREE summit online coming up at the end of August that EVERYONE should watch. 5G will spell the end of thousands of insect species, frogs, birds and make people permanently sick. This is a technology that should NEVER be implemented ... but it is being forced through and govts are allowing it. Visit the signup page at and sign up for free to this critially important summit. You need to know what telcos plan to do to you and your family just to boost their profits.

July 2nd: Hi there to Bunnings Innisfail!! Thank you so much for the donation of white paint! Now we can finish off redoing some of the rooms in our new premises. It is a wonderful feeling when local business lends a hand to volunteer groups.

June 19th: We need helpers for to restore the gardens here and start putting in small ponds. We are getting rid of invasive weeds and replacing them with food plants for cassowaries and bees. If you find it theraputic to beat the hell out of noxious weeds, come along and help us!

June 18th: Now that we are in the new house, there are items we will need to acquire cheaply (or donated would be nice too) such as lockable wardrobes, storage cabinets, open backed wooden shelves that are 6 ft high, other bookshelves of any height or width, a brush cutter, a mattock, and a crowbar. If you have something that might be suitable, please email us photos and a price. thanks!

June 17th: A big thank you to Mitre 10 Tully for welcoming us to our new home in Carmoo! We received some needed supplies to get us started on fixing up the house and restoring the yard. We look forward to being a regular customer there in the future!

June 15th: Many thanks to all those who helped us out during the big move. It is always a massive job but a few folks made the job a bit less painfull. Thanks to Deirdre (Wongaling), Lara (South Mission), Lisa and Peter (Mission Beach), Dale (Innisfail), Mark (El Arish), Peter (Bingil Bay), Steven (Wongaling), Steven (Garners), Peter (Maria Creeks), Jeremy (Cairns), Una (Cairns), Liana (Cairns), and last but not least Tralisa (Townsville) who did multiple cake sales to raise money to pay for it!

June 1st: IT'S ON!!! We start moving tomorrow and we NEED HELP! What is exciting about this new property is that we are FINALLY going to be sited in forested acreage AND the house is large enough to include an education space for visitors. But we are still short of the money needed to pay removalists to shift everything. Volunteer help will be needed to shift what can't fit in the one truck we could afford to hire. We also need to do preparation work at the new place and vacate clean at the old place. We are an approved group by Centrelink so if you are required to do your '15 hours', please come and do them with us! If you can't help physically, donations are needed to cover the huge costs which include 'double rent' for two weeks, movers, petrol for volunteers, cleaning supplies, bond up front at the new place and other odds and sods that come into it. See our donate page if you would like to help financially.

May: We have a lot of news to catch up on. We have had repeated computer failures for the past month and were not able to access our site during this time. We will catch up on May's news soon.

May: To start with, we need to do a big shout out and hugs to Nene in the USA and Tralisa in Townsville for all your financial help these past couple months. Thank you so much for your support and hard work. Tralisa has run four cake sale stalls for us and raised much of the money we will need to relocate. Nene has been sponsoring some of our frogs in care and has covered full costs for three of them so far.

March 22nd: We love when our work is recognised by someone new. Many thanks to Brother's Leagues Club in Townsville for your nice donation. Good karma to you!

March: Hi there Telequip Cairns! Thanks for renewing your sponsorship this year.

March 21st: Have you been trying to reach us since Monday the 18th? Apparently a white-tailed rat chewed through Telstra's cables from the exchange and knocked out this suburb's landlines, adsl and the mobile tower on the hill. Even message bank didn't work so the phone would have simply rung out if you tried to ring us. We FINALLY got our services back this morning (Thurs the 21st). Good to be reachable again!


Feb 18th: Not the news we wanted to hear - termites were found inside a benchtop in the house and now a full inspection has been done and they are in the roof. Not only will chemicals be used to get rid of them, asbestos ceiling panels will need to be ripped out. We have to go and we have to do it right away!!! We need to find a private rental soonest AND we have to raise the money to cover the relocation. We have started a crowdfund on MyCause to get the ball rolling. We also have an ad in gumtree. See our acreage page for more info and how you can be involved in this process. Our donation page will tell you about the crowdfund and other options.

Feb 9th: VOLUNTEERS! We have even less than a 'skeleton crew' here to help with the work that must be done. Our President is trying to do the work of 10 people and is rapidly heading for a collapse if we don't get more help. Do you live in the Cassowary Coast area or plan to visit for a long weekend? How about spending a few hours here to help us with our work to save frogs. There are very easy jobs to do ranging right up to those which require specific skill sets. Come and nuture your spirit by helping us help nature!

Feb 1st: The crowdfund campaign that Sugar Research Australia ran for us has finished. We raised $408. (after fees) so that should cover the purchase and shipping of about six enclosures for our frogs in care (plus two more from the Anglican church fundraiser). Thanks SRA and to all those who donated to the crowdfund!

Jan 29th: The Anglican Church in Mission Beach conducts sausage sizzles locally to raise money for local charities. We were blessed by their assistance during their December sizzle! They raised $130. for us which they would like to see added to the crowdfund SRA is running so that we can get a couple more tanks. We are pleased to receive their blessings and good will. Namaste.

Jan 24th: Way to go, France! The Australian government could learn something from you. France has just banned all five neonicotinoids used in that country to protect their bee populations (but this will protect frogs and other wildlife, too). Read the story here:


Dec: Sugar Research Australia in Tully has kindly setup a crowdfund to help us. We desperately need replacement enclosures for our frogs in care and the best option possible is in Sydney at a cost of $49 each plus shipping. We need about 40 of these and lodged a grant with Australian Ethical - we were not even shortlisted. So SRA is trying to help us secure as many of these tanks as the crowdfund will cover. To make a donation to the crowdfund, follow this link:

Dec 12th: Many thanks to the BACC program that Bendigo Bank Cairns' branches run. We received a very welcome check which obviously reflects the choices of some new Bendigo customers! (If you are opening up a new account with Bendigo - including mortgages - you can assign Frog Safe, Inc. to receive the profit sharing that Bendigo Bank offers the community.)

Nov 20th: We have issued a press release to announce the recovery of a frog that was slashed up with a whipper snipper. It was retrieved and sent to us by Fauna Rescue Whitsunday and it will be heading back that way as soon as he picks up a bit more weight. Photos of the frog are in our MeWe page!

Nov 16th: Congratulations to Sally of Bungalow who has won the painting 'Frog Haven' by Ingham artist Joanne DeLacey!

Oct 8th: We are gently stepping into the realm of social media. We have setup a group page on the MeWe privacy-conscious network. After you sign up for MeWe, just search for Frog Safe or frog hospital and click on the 'join group' link. (

August: Did you know this month is our 20th anniversary??? (We tried a press release but the Cairns media wouldn't run it.) Yes, we have been rescuing frogs and documenting their problems for a whole 20 years! It has been a hard and long road. The best birthday present we could get is 20 new business sponsors to keep our work going. Are you a business or work for one? Please see our Sponsorship section for details. You can still be a sponsor even if you are only a sole proprietor.

August: Thanks to Grill'd and its customers for selecting our group to receive $300 under the Local Matters program. Thanks also to Small World Journeys for making sure we were on the list.

July 27th: A very big hello and humble thanks to David of Clifton Beach who has just graced us with a $500 donation. Our best wishes and some good karma - I wish we had another 50 supporters just like you!

July 15th: Thanks so much to John of Merryburn for donating a computer to us and getting it setup. Your kindness is muchly appreciated.

Ongoing: Would Judith and Lucas please contact us????? We have received your donations (thanks so much) but we have no contact details for you and would like to send you your receipts and goodies! Thanks.

Ongoing: We need a videographer! Are you looking for an excuse to make videos for upload to the net? Are you able to get yourself to Mission Beach? We want to start documenting cases we receive and how they can be recovered. We don't have the equipment however. If you are interested to help us make a series of short vids for Vimeo, please contact us soonest!June 5th: It is chytrid season in the Far North. If you live on the Tablelands or close to a creekline that comes off the Tablelands, please keep an eye out for any frogs (or toads) that are found soaking in water during the day. If you don't have a water body close by, watch for frogs sitting on the ground in a 'withdrawn' type of posture (as if trying to curl up). Use gloves on your hands to pick them up, put them into an ice cream container with airholes, and bring them indoors to the warmest spot in the house. Then give us a ring on (07) 4088-6572 to arrange transfer.

May 5th: Thanks to Live Life Pharmacy at Mission Beach for including our group in their token program during April. We earned $200 based on customer preferences so thank you customers!

April 28th: We have a lot more sick frogs coming in than normal for this time of year and the costs of looking after these extra animals needs to be covered (of course). We tried having a garage sale today to sell off some things and it was well advertised - but we had NO customers! What a disappointment. The stuff is still for sale and we have a long list we can email out to any interested people. There's a pile of dvd's and books (most are new) and some bigger items including the entire Treasures of the Earth collection; a hardwood coffee table (unique); an entire collection of very unsual frog statutes that was gifted to us as part of an estate; lots of plants including some edibles and good security plants; a power converter (step-down transformer: 110v - 240v); an orginal oil painting of cherry blossoms by extremely talented painter Michele Castley-Wright; a half-roll (15m) of parrot wire plus smaller pieces at least 1.2m in size. If you are in FNQ and want to see the list, send us an email. Smaller items can be delivered to the Cairns - Mission corridor or picked up by arrangement from Garners Beach.

April 21st: Thank you to the person who put a $50 note in our donation box at the Bat Festival in Cairns. I was busy with meetings at the event so I'm sorry I wasn't there to chat with you but finding your note in the box when we opened it made my day! Cheers!

March 28th: Thanks to Grill'd in Cairns for saving us your very handy-sized buckets. Much appreciated.

March 22nd: Buckets to the rescue. The Hair Strand at Mission Beach was concerned that we weren't getting much response to our callout for food grade buckets (to collect rainwater for tadpoles) that they bought us some. Thanks Trudy!

March 21st: Thanks to the Cairns Post and the Innisfail Advocate for running our story on needing to sell off stuff to recover the costs of replacing our former OLD vehicle. We're trying to organise a garage sale on April 7th but it will only go ahead if we have volunteers to help me run it.

March 19th: A dinner for our benefit and we didn't even know it! Thanks to the friends of Teneille in Trinity Beach who just raised a tidy sum for us. Thanks for thinking of us!

March 14th: Thanks to Innisfail Lioness Club for your $200 donation! Best regards for your projects!

March 8th: Stuff for sale
Most of these are the President's items but their sale will still help the frog hospital. Smaller items can be delivered to Cairns, Tablelands or Mission area addresses but larger items will need to be picked up from Garners Beach.
* an eclectic and unique collection of 50+ frog statues and handmade frogdolls amassed by an avid collector - $400 for the entire collection
* Treasures of the Earth geological collection - great for the young geologist to further their knowledge - $500
* hardwood coffee table: 30cm tall; 1.2m square; kwila legs - very strong! - $400
*equatorial mount telescope with asst lenses: 4-1/2 inch lens; great first scope for interested kids - $190
*small fruit trees in big pots: cocao, olive, 5-corner, coffee, etc. - from $5 to $80
*other plants: hoya, succulents (great for security!), aloe, 5 spice, pineapples, etc.
* comedy dvd's and non-fiction books
Email for photos/more details or ring us to make an appt to view the items - sales are cash only.


Feb 28th: Thanks to Telequip in Cairns for renewing your sponsorship!

Feb 27th: A kind supporter has started their own crowdfunding campaign to help raise money for us. You can donate through their Go Fund Me campaign ( or you can save the fees by donating directly. See our donations page.

Feb 20th: Hatching failures! We have noticed a lot of them so far in our tadpole rescue activities in the Mission Beach area. What has been your experience so far this summer with tadpoles in your ponds? Are you tads active and healthy or have you seen any bent tails, mass die-offs or hatching failures? Please let us know.

Feb. 7th: Thanks Channel Seven News for running our story last week about having to replace the group's car. We received 6 donations, mostly from people who saw Seven News, but we are still way short on covering the cost of the car.

Jan 24th: The 'new' frog-mobile is here. We picked it up and drove it back the three hour's drive in the rain. What would be really fantastic is if a signwriter company would donate the frog graphic we'd like to put on it to make it distinctive!

Jan 23rd: We knew it would come eventually but the time is now here. We have had to replace our ailing 18 year old car and this is an expense we really can't afford. After the car is paid for, we will only have enough money left to cover only 3 or 4 months operations.

Jan: We need some recyclables - old bath towels, larger Voss water bottles, rectangular ice cream containers, food-grade plastic buckets, and BPA-free 5L water bottles. Please email or ring us if you have some of these items for us.

Jan 4th: Thank you! to Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge in Julatten for your new year donation. Warmly appreciated.


Dec 24th: Thanks Heidi and Layla for your Christmas donation for our froggies in care! Happy holidays to you!

Dec 17th: Yes, we will be operating right through the holidays so if you find a sick or injured frog, please ring us.

Dec 11th: A lady named Carole lived in Edmonton and had the most eclectic collection of frog ornaments, statues and hand made dolls you've ever seen - but sadly she passed away recently. Her husband David has donated her froggy collection to us. There might be a few pieces we could sell to raise money but we are seriously hoping that 2018 is the year we finally get to open a small visitor's centre. Carole's collection would look fantastic on display. Thanks David and good luck with your new life on the Sunshine Coast.

Nov 29th: There's an article about us in the current issue of Green Space Our Place volunteer's magazine. Have a read at: The article is on page 15.

Nov 25th: Our application for SecurePay services is now up and running! If you would like to donate to our work, you can use a credit card from anywhere in the world! See our donate page for the details and the link to our page in SecurePay.

Nov 10th: Thanks Bill at Mission Beach mowers for solving our whipper snipper troubles. Bill has donated a lovely machine that is battery operated (no fumes or messy petrol spilling everywhere). This allows us to keep the road edges trimmed so that council won't come along and herbicide it!

Nov 8th: We've drawn our raffle for the lovely frog tapestry. Congratulations to Joy M. of Gordonvale who bought her ticket (#077) from Savannah's coffee shop/florist in Gordonvale. Thanks to all our sellers and to those who bought tickets and of course to Riverstone Stitches in Cairns for creating this lovely item.
We need to get straight onto our next fundraiser to keep up with our bills. Travel packages to FNQ destinations would be great for the summer school holidays. If you are a hotel, restaurant or tour operator who would like to donate something to us for a raffle, please contact us soon! Thanks.

Oct 4th: Two more recovered frogs released, this time in the Innisfail area.

Sept 27th: The staff at QML Cairns 'passed the hat' around the office yesterday and raised over $200 for our frog work. What a fantastic result! This money will go towards lab tests that we have ordered to learn more about the awful problems affecting local frogs. Thanks QML!!

Sept 18th: The weather is improving so it is time to start releasing recovered frogs that we have been holding while waiting for better conditions. We released four recovered frogs in Cairns today. More to follow in other areas.

Sept 3rd: Thanks to the Davidson clan for their combined family effort to donate $100 to us! It is so very needed and appreciated.

Aug 14th: Busy season has started! We are rapidly running out of tanks to put incoming cases in. If you have one of those clear plastic pet tanks with the snap on lids, please consider donating it to us. Animal care costs will also increase from now to the start of the next wet season. Your donation would help us keep our doors open so that we can assist these unfortunate animals. You don't have to be local to donate - you can be anywhere in the world! (see here)

Aug 8th: A personal message from our President: I am looking for two birds that are mature and unwanted. I need a galah to replace the older one I very sadly had to have put down last week. My male galah is not at all happy and needs a new galah companion, male or female. I also have a mature Eastern long-billed corella who would also like a long-bill companion. Female would definitely be better but even a male would be okay. Both birds must be used to handling and be healthy (definitely no mite problems)! If you know somebody who is looking to rehome a galah or a long-bill, please call our President on (07) 4088-6572. Thanks.

Aug 4th: Thanks to the Bendigo CCE progam for another donation of $315! Did you know that when you take out a new account or loan with Bendigo, you can choose us to receive a benefit under their profit sharing CCE program?

July 16th: Are you a reptile keeper in FNQ? Has your woodie breeding taken off while your reptiles were sleeping away the winter? We need your spare woodies. If you would like to donate some, that would be so helpful or we can buy them. We just NEED them and they are not available in bulk from the Brisbane supplier.

July 14th: What a great fundraiser! The Cairns Community Kitchen held a fundraising dinner for us at the German Club which was a rousing success. More than 75 people turned up and over $700. was raised. Marvellous considering many environmental people were across town at the Premier's town hall meeting. Thanks so much to the volunteers at the Community Kitchen for thinking of us and doing such a wonderful job to raise some very needed cash!

June 20th: We have a dropoff point in Mission Beach for anyone who finds a sick or injured frog. It is the Mission Beach Business and Tourism Centre (the info centre) next to C4. Dropoffs can be made during the centres hours which are Mon to Sat 9a to 5p and Sun 10a to 2pm. You can also drop off to Tropical Vets in Wongaling Beach but they are only open on Mon and Fridays; Tropical Vets in Tully can also receive frogs for us and they are open Mon to Friday.

June 19th: Thanks for Small World Journeys in Cairns for your donation! It is desperately needed.

May: We've just received the proceeds of a fundraiser run by the students at Freshwater State School and we must say the students have done a fantastic job raising over $500! Thanks so much to the school for helping us at such a difficult time.

April 24th: Are you a business in the Mission Beach area? There are many ways you can be involved in our work without even leaving your shop/cafe. You might have food-grade plastic buckets or other contaniers you normally throw out that we can use; you might want to have some of our fliers or a donation box on your counter; or you might be able to source something we need at cost. Give us a ring to say hello and tell us about your business. We also have a sponsorship program you might be interested in - see the Sponsors and Accolades section of our site for more info!

April 19th: We have relocated all our stuff to the Mission Beach area and are now unpacking and setting up. Our new number is (07) 4088-6572 and you can reach us on that number between 9am and 9pm daily.

March 5th: We have just won an award from the Australian Wildlife Preservation Society! It is the Community Wildlife Award for 2016. As soon as we finish relocating, we'll add a photo of the statue and certificate they sent us to our Accolades section.

Feb: Telequip has renewed their sponsorship for 2017 - thanks, Telequip!

Jan: Lovely news - Thala Beach Nature Reserve has just renewed their sponsorship for 2017. Thanks Thala!

Jan: Get your copy of the summer issue of Austalian Wildlife (WPS of A) - there's an article in there about us!

Jan: The new year has started and we hope for some big changes this year. A new location would be brilliant. See our page "we need acreage" in the Helping frogs section.

Jan: Food grade plastic buckets and containers over 5 litres capacity - we need them so don't throw them out! Please donate them to us.



Dec: We need those clear plastic pet tanks that the pet shops and discounters sell. We used to have a source for them when the Warehouse still existed but now all there is are the grossly overpriced smaller ones in pet shops which we can't afford. If you bought a pet tank that is sitting in the garage, please donate it to us? We can also use those large glass bottles (with lids) that cranberry juice comes in.

Dec: Our grant application to the Reef Casino Community Benefit Fund for a generator was successful. We will soon be "power secure" during the upcoming cyclone season.

Dec: Yes, we are available to assist through the Christmas / New Year holidays. If you find a sick or injured frog, please call us as per normal. Our Curator seriously needs some time off but this will only be taken on days when the vet clinics are open. Phone our normal landline number for the best location to drop off frogs.

Oct: Congratulations to all our raffle prize winners! We allowed winners to choose which prize they wanted when they arrived to pick up their prize and everybody was pleased with getting something they wanted!

Oct: Hi there to the folks at Cazalys sports club and the Wens night trivia players. We were selected as their favoured charity for the 3rd quarter profits from trivia nights in July/Aug/Sept. What a lovely gesture - we received a cheque for a very needed $2,067. Thanks also to the trvia players from the Parks Retirement Village as it was their nomination of Frog Safe that got us listed.

Sept: Did you see the article about our President in QWeekend Magazine? Check for it in the Sept 3rd issue of the Courier Mail.

Sept: Say hi to our newest Olympian sponsor - Cairns Paintball

Aug: Did you know that when you hire a wheelchair from Smithfield Centre shops, we are on the receiving end of those coins? Smithfield Centre chooses a local charity each year and donates all the wheelchair hire proceeds to them and this financial year, we're the charity! Good on'ya Smithfield Centre!