Want to Frog-Surf Some More?

There are hundreds of other frog sites to visit while you're logged on. It just depends on what specifically you are interested in. Here's a few 'waves' to get your blood jumping - we mean pumping! Sites are occasionally overhauled to keep them fresh and their links change. If any of these links don't work for you, please let us know.

Australian sites:

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non-Australian sites:

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Upgrade your website

We also wish to promote the efforts of our website designer in Canada who has turned our outdated site into an eye-friendly, clean looking site that is appealing to look at as well as learn from. If you are looking to redo your information output outlet on the world wide web, you might want to contact Katie and throw some work in her direction!



Reciprocal Links

We occasionally receive emails to say that a link has been created to our site. However, the linking site is not an educational frog site. This section is to provide a courtesy link to such sites.

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