Soil Health & Frog Decline

What is the link between soil and sick frogs?

Hardly anyone thinks about the ground under their feet. If you are a keen gardener or work in the nursery industry, you are at least aware that the better your soil is, the better your plants will grow. But the condition of the soil on the property you own or rent very seldom keeps you awake at night! We're suggesting that maybe you should dedicate 30 minutes to thinking in depth about the ground under your feet, even if you are just a tenant on a rental property. There are many reasons why!

How do you know if you have bad soil?

This questionaire is not fool-proof. So many types of soil situations can exist such as whether you live on a flat plain or on a steep hillslope; whether you have clay soil or sandy soil; whether you live in a new estate or an old cattle property. This questionaire is a guide which can be used by most residents in this tropical region to determine the likelihood of your soil being healthy - or being a potential threat to your local frogs and yourself. 

How to correct Soil Problems

Thankfully, most of the steps you need to take to correct your soil's ph and other factors that affect soil condition are not expensive. In some cases, several bags of dolomite and some animal manure on a regular basis might be all you need to do. Recommendations are broken down below into specific situations (such as yellow clay soils, housing in new estates) and a large section on general recommendations which would apply to all situations.