One Way to Help: Be a Member

Our organisation has been around since 1998 specialising in frog rescue and rehabilitation and we used to be called the Frog Decline Reversal Project. We are a grassroots organisation that has very few people doing all the work and a workload that rivals much larger organisations.

To us, frog decline is a reflection of the fact that WE humans have made our region unsafe for frogs to even exist in. They will disappear entirely if we don't change our ways. Thus our new name reflects our expanded focus: we need to make the world frog safe! And, if we make it safer for frogs, it will be safer for all of us!

We need to be far more mindful of the rights of other living creatures to exist. All the animals we see today (including frogs) all evolved to play their own parts to make the ecosystem function - and this was all before humans arrived on the scene. However, we are messing up the place so badly, mass die-offs in wildlife are becoming regular headlines. The local decline of frogs - which has been in progress for the past 23 years - doesn't make the news anymore but it is still occurring and getting worse each year. Even the cane toad is in sharp decline which is an even stronger indication that something is VERY wrong in our environment!

What is involved with membership?

Everybody is busy so we don't have monthly meetings. Instead of a newsletter, we do a monthly wrapup for members with internal group news. Members are strongly encouraged to participate in two things during the year. This might be helping with tasks at our facility, marketing support or fundraising, desktop research, purchasing or sourcing supplies we need for our work, etc. The more you are involved with the 'goings on' in the group, the more you will learn about frogs.

Memberships are renewed in April so if you sign up at any other time during the year, the first year is prorated. New members receive a small information pack with froggy info and stationery items. Renewals receve some sort of incentive decided each year.

Concession members are not required to participate in group activities but we welcome any involvement (this often includes shuttling frogs for us). Those who simply do not want to be involved in any activities can opt to be financial supporters instead. To access this option, we request a donation of at least $60 in addition to your membership fee. You will still receive the items all other members get but you won't be expected to participate.

If you would like to become a member, please email us to send you two pdf files which you can print out. We are happy to receive the forms and a cheque/money order through the Post but many people like to do electronic options these days. We request members do not use the SecurePay option. They take fees out so if you must use SecurePay, please add 3% to your total amount to cover the fees. EFT is a better option if you wish to do an electronic transfer. Please llet us know you want to use that option and we can provide you with the account details.

We need to have a signed form to process so please post both sides of the form to us with your membership fee. (We need the form even if you are using an electronic type of payment.)

Post to:
Frog Safe, Inc.
P.O. Box 298,
Mission Beach, QLD 4852

If you have any questions before filling out the form, please give us a ring. And thanks for your interest in helping frogs and helping our group do its job!