June 20th: We have a dropoff point in Mission Beach for anyone who finds a sick or injured frog. It is the Mission Beach Business and Tourism Centre (the info centre) next to C4. Dropoffs can be made during the centres hours which are Mon to Sat 9a to 5p and Sun 10a to 2pm. You can also drop off to Tropical Vets in Wongaling Beach but they are only open on Mon and Fridays; Tropical Vets in Tully can also receive frogs for us and they are open Mon to Friday.

June 19th: Thanks for Small World Journeys in Cairns for your donation! It is desperately needed.

May: We've just received the proceeds of a fundraiser run by the students at Freshwater State School and we must say the students have done a fantastic job raising over $500! Thanks so much to the school for helping us at such a difficult time.

April 24th: Are you a business in the Mission Beach area? There are many ways you can be involved in our work without even leaving your shop/cafe. You might have food-grade plastic buckets or other contaniers you normally throw out that we can use; you might want to have some of our fliers or a donation box on your counter; or you might be able to source something we need at cost. Give us a ring to say hello and tell us about your business. We also have a sponsorship program you might be interested in - see the Sponsors and Accolades section of our site for more info!

April 19th: We have relocated all our stuff to the Mission Beach area and are now unpacking and setting up. Our new number is (07) 4088-6572 and you can reach us on that number between 9am and 9pm daily.

March 5th: We have just won an award from the Australian Wildlife Preservation Society! It is the Community Wildlife Award for 2016. As soon as we finish relocating, we'll add a photo of the statue and certificate they sent us to our Accolades section.

Feb: Telequip has renewed their sponsorship for 2017 - thanks, Telequip!

Jan: Lovely news - Thala Beach Nature Reserve has just renewed their sponsorship for 2017. Thanks Thala!

Jan: Get your copy of the summer issue of Austalian Wildlife (WPS of A) - there's an article in there about us!

Jan: The new year has started and we hope for some big changes this year. A new location would be brilliant. See our page "we need acreage" in the Helping frogs section.

Jan: Food grade plastic buckets and containers over 5 litres capacity - we need them so don't throw them out! Please donate them to us.



Dec: We need those clear plastic pet tanks that the pet shops and discounters sell. We used to have a source for them when the Warehouse still existed but now all there is are the grossly overpriced smaller ones in pet shops which we can't afford. If you bought a pet tank that is sitting in the garage, please donate it to us? We can also use those large glass bottles (with lids) that cranberry juice comes in.

Dec: Our grant application to the Reef Casino Community Benefit Fund for a generator was successful. We will soon be "power secure" during the upcoming cyclone season.

Dec: Yes, we are available to assist through the Christmas / New Year holidays. If you find a sick or injured frog, please call us as per normal. Our Curator seriously needs some time off but this will only be taken on days when the vet clinics are open. Phone our normal landline number for the best location to drop off frogs.

Oct: Congratulations to all our raffle prize winners! We allowed winners to choose which prize they wanted when they arrived to pick up their prize and everybody was pleased with getting something they wanted!

Oct: Hi there to the folks at Cazalys sports club and the Wens night trivia players. We were selected as their favoured charity for the 3rd quarter profits from trivia nights in July/Aug/Sept. What a lovely gesture - we received a cheque for a very needed $2,067. Thanks also to the trvia players from the Parks Retirement Village as it was their nomination of Frog Safe that got us listed.

Sept: Did you see the article about our President in QWeekend Magazine? Check for it in the Sept 3rd issue of the Courier Mail.

Sept: Say hi to our newest Olympian sponsor - Cairns Paintball

Aug: Did you know that when you hire a wheelchair from Smithfield Centre shops, we are on the receiving end of those coins? Smithfield Centre chooses a local charity each year and donates all the wheelchair hire proceeds to them and this financial year, we're the charity! Good on'ya Smithfield Centre!