Helping Our Group Financially (the cheque/check is in the mail... )

...but you don't need one if you deposit electronically!

Your support is very important to us. Very few people can deal with the range of invasive problems that the frogs we receive have, but there are many expenses associated with all types of animal rescue and care. Without public support, we wouldn't exist. There are many ways to donate and it doesn't always need to be cash - goods and services are important, too - but the majority of costs still rely on plain old money (rent, phone, electricity, vehicle, etc.). These days, there are a range of options to make donations including automatic transactions such as $5 per payroll or $10 per month through your online banking system. The electronic ones are probably the most secure but cash is still fine too if you are local to us. We have donation boxes at several Cairns shops as well as Leny's, Mitre 10 and Scotties in the Mission Beach area.

We are receiving donations from people we have no contact details for - would Judith, Lucas, K. McCrudden and whoever did an inperson deposit at Cairns Central please contact us????? We have received your donations but we would like to send you your receipts and goodies! Thanks.

Via cheque/check or money order:

This can be used by anyone within Australia or overseas but there IS a loss rate to mail and we have already had issues with memberships and donations disappearing without ever reaching us - so please only use this option if you have no others. If you are making a large donation, it is still worth posting but please use registered/certified with a signature required on this end.

In person deposit:

Our accounts are with Westpac who has branches everywhere in Australia. If you would like to use this option, please email us for the correct account details to use. It is by far the most secure way to donate and allows you to be anywhere near a Westpac branch in Australia and still use cash.

Online banking, EFT's, and payroll deduction:

Only available for customers in Australia, this is cheap, fast and easy. Email us to provide details for your receipts (to be snail-mailed) and to request account details for the correct account.


While direct donations do not attract fees, some people feel more comfortable donating through a crowdfund despite the fees.
Here's a link to our page in a crowdfund site:
We have setup this crowdfund ourselves as we have just found out this property is about to pesticided so we have to move! To make a donation to the crowdfund, follow this link and please share it wherever you can:

Credit cards:

We use the transfer service SecurePay which processes the transactions for us and removes a small fee for their service. With the SecurePay service, we do not have access to your card details so we don't have to worry about secure storage, hacking, etc. Just click on the SecurePay highlighted above to go to our donation page.

Outside Australia:

If you have a credit/debit card, you can use SecurePay to make donations to us.
There is a small fee removed from the amount before we receive the money.

For our overseas supporters, we will scan your hard copy receipt and email this to you along with pdf files for froggy materials we have produced which can be printed out on your end (such as posters). We prefer to send hard copy goodies but the postage rates and the loss rates of international mail make it too costly to get these items to you.

Some additional information:

To contact us for banking details or any other questions, the email is:

admin [at] frogsafe [dot] org [dot] au

Be sure to include:

  • your name and postal (snail mail) address (we send hard copy receipts in Australia)
  • the amount you have sent
  • whether this is a one time donation or part of a regular payroll deduction
  • whether you want your donation to remain anonymous

If you are a business wishing to take up a sponsorship, this will still be tax deductable to you as an advertising expense.

Just a few of the urgent items we need financial support for are:

  • we have to relocate (again) and haven't recovered from the last move; we can only move as far as the money raised will take us (in other words, if we find a suitable place at Kuranda but can't raise the money to cover the moving costs, then we can't move to that location and must stay in the area we are in now)
  • normal running costs for the group's vehicle for the next year (rego, services, comprehensive insurance, petrol and maintenance)
  • if we could attract enough skilled volunteers to cover all the aspects of our work, that would be productive but reliable volunteers are scarce, esp. in the region we are located. The reality is that if we want good help, we will have to pay for it.
  • we need to pursue three different operational areas which are not being pursued sufficiently now due to lack of funding - they are: to have a paid educator to do school talks; a location in a non-polluted area where we can conduct breeding activities and run a small visitor's centre; and toxicology testing to prove that chemicals are the cause of frog decline. All three of these activity areas need substantial support and none of them can be supported by government grants. The money must come from private sources.

Any and all help is appreciated. Even a deduction of $5 per payroll adds up over the year.

If you have any questions, just let us know, and thanks for your concern but more importantly your action for our dwindling frog populations.