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Help us pinpoint what is killing frogs in all the eastern states. If you have seen ANY frogs out in the open - live or dead - please photograph them and contact us on (07) 4068-9402 and then email the photos to one of the addresses below

We are located in Mission Beach but we still receive cases from the Cape to Mackay. We also provide long distance advice for cases all around the country and sometimes overseas.
No matter where in the country you are in, please contact us if you have a sick or injured frog. If you are between Mackay and Cooktown, please ring our landline first. If you are outside that area, please email us first.

We now have a backup procedure just in case we have any more problems with our phone service:

  1. Emails are a good way to reach us since you can include photos. We answer emails every day including holidays - although when we are on the road, we only see the emails first thing in the morning and again in the evening. If you have emailed us and have not had a reply in 6 hours, please ring us! Many emails are not being delivered including many of our outgoing emails. Click on the box at right to create an email and please do NOT add these to your address book:
  2. Our landline (07) 4068-9402 is our primary phone line and it has two voice mail services setup to catch ALL missed calls whether we're out in the yard, on another call, or the power is out. If you ring the landline and get a 'can't connect' recording or it just rings out, THEN there is something wrong and you can leave a message on our car phone. The car phone is (0428) 114 266 and it is a 3G so it does not get emails or images. It can receive txt mgs (no photos) and voice calls. (BUT ALWAYS TRY THE LANDLINE FIRST)

By phone:

Frog Safe, Inc. can be contacted between the hours of 8am to 8pm on (07) 4068-9402 (+61-7-4068-9402 if you are outside Australia). Remember daylight savings time if you are outside Queensland - we are one hour behind Sydney during that part of the year.

If you reach our voice mail (answering machine), please leave a message!. We might be at the other end of this big facility or working in the yard where we can't hear the phone or we could be on the other line. Leaving a message helps us to assist you faster.

(We are ten hours ahead of London Standard Time; 14 hours ahead of New York ST; 18 ahead of Los Angeles ST - this drops to 9, 14 and 17 hours respectively if you are on daylight savings time) Calls for general information and rescues are welcome up to 8:00pm our time.


Please read this section first for useful information when emailing us. This section will help you get the best possible reply to your query. Don't forget to always wear gloves when handling any captive frog that shows signs of illness and always wear gloves for any wild frog or toad, no matter how good it looks.

We are very happy to help you but please be aware that we are very experienced rehabbers - this is not a vet clinic. So we can provide you with our 'educated opinion' and we can make recommendations but ultimately, you are supposed to find a vet to tell you what to do. We understand completely that very few vets know anything about frogs and we dearly wish that was different. There is a huge shortage of frog vets and wildlife rescue groups that are experienced with frogs. We have voluminous knowledge to share about frog health problems and we have helped many people around Australia and overseas recover their frogs, but it has been pointed out to us that Qld law says we're not supposed to do that. All we are supposed to do is provide you with our 'opinion' and send you off to a vet. We realise that will not be enough most of the time and it is a tremendous source of frustration for us because we have the knowledge to help you and we know most vets will not.

Nonetheless, you are welcome to contact us for any sick, injured, or other frog out in the open during the day (even if they look good). You can email us as your first contact (the info we need from you is below) but if you are in FNQ, you could phone us first.

  1. Please send an email with the series of six photos (described below) and a background on the animal. If this is a captive animal, please include a photo of its enclosure/setup. Frogs will often need pain relief - what do you have available? Please also tell us if you use Zoom videoconferencing. We don't have time to spend hours typing up information for each caller so being able to speak to you is the fastest way to convey information.
  2. After we respond to your email, please ring us or Zoom us to discuss our "opinion" about the frog you have.

Please provide the following information in your first email so that we can build a forensic picture of what has happened to the animal:

  • your geographic location
  • a background on the animal such as: - how long have you had it? - where did you get it from?
    - how long have you seen the symptoms? - is it eating and where do you get its food from? - what do its droppings look like?
  • have you recently used any chemicals in the house such as Lysol (Glen 20 in Australia), carpet cleaners, plug in room fresheners, insecticide sprays, fragrant candles, etc.?
    - are other frogs/toads in the same enclosure and do they also have symptoms?
  • describe the enclosure, its size, and its contents such as wood, rocks, substrate, size of water container, etc. Does the enclosure have water across the bottom or is the water confined to a bowl?
  • what species are you writing about? (we are in Australia and are not familiar with most species from elsewhere in the world - please give the scientific/latin name if you are overseas)
  • What are your current and recent climate conditions (such as drought, recent floods, cyclones/hurricanes, heat wave, sudden cold spell, etc.)
  • we need a set of six sharp, well lit photos which show the frog/toad sitting on a flat surface such as a table; each shot needs to be pretty much straight on like traditional mug shots! - left side, right side, view from overhead looking down onto frog, view from bottom (through glass), view from the back end, view of face from front - it would also be helpful to have a close up view of the frog's latest dropping. If there is a particular flaw such as ulcers or an absess or damaged eyes, etc., please do some extra shots of the problem as close as you can get. DON'T FORGET TO REDUCE THE FILE SIZES BEFORE EMAILING! Most cameras tend to create files between 2mg and 5mg each - if you put six of these in one email, that is over 30mg and can't be emailed to standard broadband. If you cannot reduce the file size, then please send only two images with each email. Please be sure to ATTACH the photos - DON'T EMBED them!

Ever since the nbn came on the scene in Australia, internet and phone services have become patchy. If you can't get through to someone, don't assume they have gone out of business or changed their contact details. It is likely they are suffering a temporary outage and that includes us. People report that sometimes their emails to us bounce. If this happens to you, view the source/header of the bounced message and copy the entire header source text into a new email to us and try again. Once we have the source text of the bounced message, our ISP can investigate why these emails aren't getting through. If you have trouble reaching us on the landline, try an email instead. We have had huge problems with our phone this past year.

By snail mail:

Post Office Box 298, Mission Beach, QLD 4852 Australia
Our office and care centre are located in Carmoo. If you are attending an appointment here or have a sick or injured frog to drop off directly to us, we will provide exact directions by phone.


... is 20 283 137 035
Just in case you want to check our status .... We are also registered with the ACNC.